Hi! I'm Raka. A Jakarta based Visual Designer and Software Engineer for over 4 years. Currently working as Subject Matter Expert (SME) / Curriculum Developer at Hacktivate Jakarta.

I have been working as a designer, developer, and teacher since 2014. Started my career as a Full-Time IT Teacher and Nighty Owl Freelance Programmer, I've done remote work for agencies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use while I work as a Formal IT Teacher. I specialize in Machine Learning but enjoy tackling any problem placed in front of me

I understand the challenges of working remotely. Here’s a couple of things I’m good at:

Data Science - Analysis & Visualization
I began programming since 2012 when i was at University studying IT. Focusing on Back-End thing, like everything with Node, Python, even Go. Some projects done are Mulia Integrated Plantation System for PT. MSAL, Decision Support System for Road-Handling Priority for Dinas Bina Marga Jawa Tengah, Washlab on Demand Laundry Platform, HaloApp on Demand Expert Service, and many more. But nowadays i focus more on Exploratory analysis, Statistical and Machine Learning, and Visualization of Complex Data using Python.

I genuinely care about people, and love helping new programmers work on their craft. 4 Years Experience, 40+ online courses from beginner to advance, 1000+ hrs of offline courses and training.

Visual Design
I did visual design such as motion design, vector graphic, 3D modelling, and visual effect for Techarea and freelance. Mostly educational or sometimes, music video or branding. Some tools I usually use are Illustrator, After Effect, Cinema4D and Blender.

Currently working as Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Curriculum Developer at Hacktivate Jakarta, teach everything about programming.

Feel free to reach out at noreply [a] or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.

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